Announcing SauceJS

We are happy to announce that Sauce Labs is running a Test Automation Workshop on Friday, October 5th, 11:00-15:00.

They write:

Since you’re attending JSConf, we know you’re an awesome JavaScript developer who builds beautiful web apps. But do you also test your code before you push to production?

If you answered no (and let’s be real - we’re all guilty of this sometimes), then don’t miss Sauce’s JS Testing Workshop from 11am-3pm on Oct 5th at co-op. Our goal is to show you that testing is:

a) easy b) time-saving c) and kinda fun (especially when beer is involved).

There will be five Saucers on hand to walk you through a variety of topics, including why you should test your code, how to get started with Selenium and functional automated testing, and what JS tools are out there for writing tests. You’ll create functional tests for a simple Node app that we’ll run on desktop and mobile web browsers, and we’ll provide hands-on help when you need it.

Plus, we’ll feed you lunch AND get you sufficiently tipsy.

To join the workshop, you don’t need to have any testing experience, but you should have basic knowledge of node.js. You will also need to bring your own computer. We’ll set you up with everything else at the start of the workshop.

Details and Signup