JetBrains love developers – and not only those who code in JavaScript. Chances are you’ve come across or at least heard of some of their many products. We know that, as much as you’d like to code in JS all the time, there are other languages that want your attention (we’ll understand if you never acknowledge this publicly :)

Still, you should use the the best tools available for the job, and here’s where JetBrains can really help. They have everything from developer tools to development and deployment processes for your Ruby, Python, PHP and even .NET and Java (yes, yes, we know :).

We are happy to extend our invitation to JetBrains for becoming a JSConf EU sponsor and so should you! Best of all, you will be able to tell them first-hand what you are missing from their line-up, so they can fix it and come back next year with even more cool stuff!